A Lawyer’s Promise to the Masses. . .this is the foundation of Lawmato. . .a first of its kind app that brings together clients and lawyers for virtual consultations.  It was designed by our founder a lawyer and those are his words.

Lawmato solves challenges for clients and lawyers by being the marketplace app for legal services with secure, robust technology.  Clients go to the app, search for and choose a lawyer based on the issue and jurisdiction with information about years of experience and consultation rate, the app notifies the lawyer to begin the conflict check after which a limited scope engagement letter is sent, the client provides a credit card to schedule the consultation and meets virtually with the lawyer at the date and time, upon conclusion of the consultation, the client’s card is charged and automatic payment is made to the lawyer minus the credit card processing fee and technology fee.  It’s just that simple and transparent!

As part of our mission, we launched the Lawmato Academy.  The Academy’s goal is to help educate clients on legal issues resulting in deeper understanding of the legal issues they face and a higher satisfaction of legal services from Lawmato lawyers, who are also our instructors.  

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